Chanterelles, Ticks, and Rain

Chanterelle season in Alabama is hot, sticky and full of deadly creatures. How do you know when to search for chanterelles in the South? When the daytime temperatures are in the 90s, it storms almost every day, and the humidity is so high you feel like you are in a steam room when you walk... Continue Reading →

Fresh Spring Wildflower Rolls

Fresh rolls are a great way to enjoy the varying colors, textures and flavors of edible Spring wildflowers and wild greens. They can be filled with many different assortments of foraged foods. For this batch the forest provided dandelion flowers, sweet violets, redbud blossoms, chickweed, dead nettle, wild garlic greens and oxalis. Of all the flowers in these... Continue Reading →

Yard Onions: Front Yard Foraging

In early Spring most brown lawns and fields in the Southeast are littered with bright green bunches of wild Allium. We refer to them all as wild onions, but most are in fact wild garlic; Allium vineale.  There are many types of onions and garlic growing in the wild, but wild garlic is the common... Continue Reading →

Morel and Chickweed Puff-Pastry Quiche

  If you are lucky enough to have a pile of freshly foraged morels sitting in your kitchen, this is the perfect recipe for you. If you don't have fresh wild mushrooms and chickweed, you can use readily available ingredients (such as store bought crimini or shitaki and spinach) for this recipe, and still end... Continue Reading →

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