Boiled Peanuts from the Pressure Canner

Boiled fresh green peanuts are one my favorite snacks. But, the process of boiling them  is quite time-consuming. After our recent Front Yard Peanut Patch harvest I learned how easy it is to can boiled peanuts. Canning is not only a great way to preserve these seasonal delicacies, it is a way to cook them... Continue Reading →

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Chanterelle Stock; Canning Golden Umami

Beautiful chanterelles are one of the most plentiful and delicious wild foods in our area. When they are in season, we add these delicious mushrooms to just about every dish possible: quiche, omelets, baked chicken, pasta, pizza, soup, risotto, roast, stuffing, and charcuterie platters. We eat a ton of these every Summer, but sometimes we can't... Continue Reading →

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Pickled Peaches; Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice

Pickled peaches have me dreaming of Thanksgiving in the beginning of June. If you have never had a perfectly pickled peach grace your holiday dinner, this probably sounds bizarre to you. But, these sweet, tart, and lightly spiced treats are the perfect accompaniment to salty ham, cornbread dressing, or roasted turkey.  We love them in the... Continue Reading →

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Sword Leaf Lettuce: A Multi-Use Super Green

At first appearance, young sword leaf lettuce is a a pretty ordinary little loose leaf lettuce. But it is far from the ordinary salad green. It is a resilient cool weather crop; a plant of many names and many uses. With very little effort I have grown plenty of delicious sword leaf salads over the... Continue Reading →

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Frontyard Peanut Patch

Peanuts are farmed on almost 200,000 acres of Alabama land every year and this year our family proudly added 100 square feet to that total. We scalped sod and transformed a useless piece of pristine Zoysia lawn into a micro-peanut farm and have been thrilled with our little peanut patch.  I am declaring it our... Continue Reading →

Old-fashioned Pear Preserves

Old-fashioned Pear Preserves are incredibly simple and delicious; three ingredients transformed into glistening slices of fruit in a honey like syrup.  This recipe is versatile and can be made with any amount of pears. So, it's great for small batch canning or for  huge canning projects. This is a true preserve, one that does not require... Continue Reading →

Pear Elderberry Jam

Wild Black Elderberries and freshly picked green pears were combined to make this lovely jam. It is a beautiful ruby color and quite possibly the prettiest thing I've ever canned. In addition to being pretty and tasty, this jam has the immunity boosting, anti-viral power of Elderberries! Last year during flu season, like many Moms,... Continue Reading →

Salsa So Good They Steal It

This bright salsa is full of flavor: made from roasted tomatoes, mixed peppers, sweet onions and just the right amount of seasonings. This is not a frilly or fruity salsa, just a really good one that captures the fresh flavors of our favorite summertime vegetables. We fill our canner with this salsa several times every Summer, but are... Continue Reading →

Muffin Tin Meal Prep for Lunchboxes

Muffin tins get used heavily in our kitchen, but rarely for baking cupcakes. They are used to get our fresh garden produce and homemade mini-meals ready for the kids' school lunch boxes. Back-to-school preparations in our home include picking, baking, freezing, and vacuum sealing. Digging Food is an earthy food blog, not a "Mommy" blog;... Continue Reading →

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