Easy to Peel, Hard-“Boiled” Fresh Eggs

Having a devil of a time making deviled or hard boiled eggs from farm fresh eggs? Here is how you can easily make perfectly peelable eggs.Welsummer Chicken

I have tended chickens many of my years and have gathered thousands of fresh eggs. I have enjoyed them fried, poached, scrambled, dropped in soup, baked in quiche… pretty much any way other than hard boiled.

Hard boiled fresh eggs have always been too hard to deal with because they were impossible to peel. Chunks of egg whites always peeled off with the shells resulting in pitted and bumpy blobs. I tried boiling them many ways and eventually gave up. I’m sure I am not the only backyard chicken keeper to go out and purchase a dozen eggs for the sake of making deviled eggs. Never again! Now, I know the secret to perfectly peelable eggs.

Instead of boiling, steam fresh eggs and you will end up with egg perfection. You can use any sort of steamer rack or collapsible basket. The original instructions that I found for this included finishing the steamed eggs in an ice bath. Our ice maker is broken and my laziness got the best of me, so, the 2nd time I made them I decided to skip the ice bath. I just dropped the hot steamed eggs in cold water. It still worked! And they peeled beautifully.

I will never boil another egg, now that I know how easy and delicious steamed eggs are.  IMG_3153


  • Place a steamer rack or basket in a pot and fill the bottom of the pot with water. The water should be below the bottom of the basket or rack.
  • Bring to a boil over medium high heat.
  • Using tongs, carefully place room temperature eggs in the  hot steaming pot.
  • Put tight fitting lid on the pot and steam on medium high heat for 13 minutes.
  • Immediately remove the pot from the stove and using tongs carefully drop the eggs one at a time into a bowl of cold water. Run cold water into the bowl for 30-45 seconds.IMG_3143
  • Let the eggs rest in the cold water for 5-10 minutes.
  • Peel with very little effort and enjoy perfect eggs!Pealed fresh egg






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